Judy Rodrigues

2017 'Two stories' Olympus Gallery ,Dimbola Lodge Museum and Gallery , IOW


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Moth 1.
moth 2.
Installation 1.
Installation 2.
Installation 3.
Istallation 4.
Primavera 2. Garden of Earthly Delights, Virginia Woolfs gar
Book installation/cabinet
Book Pieces - 'The Trespasser' and 'In Our Infancy'
The Trespasser [detail]
The Waves
The Trespasser
History painting - the trespasser
Higher Tregerthen ,Penwith [ plein air sketch /2010 ]
Untitled ( Moth)
A gate in the wall
moth [untitled]
[from] the Garden of Earthly Delights : Dimbola/Monks House
The Garden of Earthly Delights - Vanessa's Garden Charleston
...to the lighthouse ..
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