Judy Rodrigues

Portfolio: 2017: Pico Island, Azores



2017 : A quick sketch -


This summer I am participating in two Arts Fringe Festivals both on Islands - one 'on the fringes' of England at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight and the other 'on the fringes ' of Portugal ' [and Europe] on Pico Island at the  Azores Fringe Arts Festival.

The synchronicity of this opportunity I have found fascinating after discovering that the Portuguese poet Raul Brandao gave the Azorean Islands colour references -- and Pico Island he named 'Ilha Preto' , 'Isle of Black  ' -- after the black volcanic mountain and landscape that crowns the Island.

This has also been a small but  intriging coincidence in relation to a childhood growing up on the 'Isle of Wight', where my  fascination in Lepidoptera began - and as [is] with this habit, the discovery of an endemic species to the Azores the 'Hipparchia azorina' the 'Azorean Grayling' butterfly --



 ' The sea whispers

the separatness of Islands

is an illusion' 


Richard Zimler 

Love's Voice .. 72 Kabbalistic Haiku 2011




.... work  with the Azores is ongoing .....