Judy Rodrigues

2017: Pico Island, Azores


In the Garden of Epictetus

A small bricollaged drawing from Mertola, Alentejo, Portugal ... a photocopied print by Joseph Cornell overlaid with a drawing of the Menora nicoli drawn from/at the Paleochristian Basilica in Mertola and a referenced [title quotation] from Fernando Pessoa's 'The Education of the Stoic' ...' In the Garden of Epictetus '.

Photo copied print {untitled} by Joseph Cornell + mixed media drawing
18cm x 22cm

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Letter to Boa Sr
In the Garden of Epictetus
Periplus [detail]
At Paim Bookhouse, Santa Luiza, Pico Island ,Azores 2017
Book peice .detail 1.
Book peice detail 2.
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