Judy Rodrigues

Azores, Fringe Festival 2017 Paim Bookhouse Gallery , Santa Luiza , Pico Island


Periplus [detail]

Detail: of hollowed book piece 'Innocents Abroad' by Mark Twain showing the 'Azorean Grayling' - ' Hipparchia azorina'.. a butterfly of the nymphalidae family, endemic to the Azores, inhabiting temperate forests and grasslands of the Azorean Islands, it fits inside 'The Cross and the Pear Tree' by Victor Perera .......... sensitive to habitat loss.

15cm x 11cm

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Letter to Boa Sr
In the Garden of Epictetus
Periplus [detail]
At Paim Bookhouse, Santa Luiza, Pico Island ,Azores 2017
Book peice .detail 1.
Book peice detail 2.
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